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‘Financial Modelling’, involves application of accounting and financial concepts together with quantitative techniques and information systems skills to the business drivers and constraints in a dynamic scenario. It is useful in business & financial planning, projecting business & financial performance, refinement of strategies & plans and decision making.

   Programme Structure

Level of  Programme




Level Alpha -Basics

Fundamentals of Accounting & Financial Statements Analysis and Concepts of DCF & DCF Models

Knowledge of Basic Accounting & Excel

25 Hours of Participation

Level Beta - Intermediate

Advanced Financial Management Concepts, Business Valuation and related Excel Application

Conversant with ‘Basics’.

40 Hours of Participation

Level Gamma -Advanced

Financial Model of a Company, Financial Projections, Simulation, Sensitivity Analysis, Integrated ‘Projected Financial Statements’, and Advanced Excel & Macros

Conversant with contents of Level – Alpha & Level -Beta

40 Hours of Participation

The above three Levels are independent of each other. Hence participants may choose all the three levels together or in any combination depending upon the pre-requisites they possess for each Level.

Who should attend Financial Modelling/Equity Research Training Programme?

  1. CA, CFA, MBA, FRM, CPA, CFP, MMS, ICWA, ACS, M.Com., and other finance course students and
  2. Working professionals, Investment Bankers, Equity Research Analysts, Traders, Fund Managers, Private Equity Analysts, Credit Analysts, Institutional Sales Executives, Hedge Fund Analysts & other analytical role players, Independent Consultants, Valuation Advisors, Boutique M&A Advisors, etc. 
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