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Basic Microsoft Excel is applied in data preparation, summarization and presentations. Advanced Excel and macros are very helpful in preparing and analysing integrated Financial Statements, Projections and Business Valuation keeping factors such as risk and return, sensitivity & probability analysis and simulation into account. We provide training with respect to Advanced Excel and Macros and its application to Accounting and Finance so that the professionals are able to become more effective and efficient.
The training programme is available in naturally progressing modules. They consist of the following.

Level of Programme




Level Alpha -Basics

Basic Excel and Application of Excel Functions & Features to Accounting and Finance

Knowledge of Basic Accounting & Excel

40 Hours of Participation

Level Beta - Intermediate

Functions of Excel such as Linking Worksheets, Work Books,  Naming Cells, Validation etc., and their application to Accounting & Finance

Must be conversant with the contents of Level Alpha

40 Hours of Participation

Level Gamma -Advanced

Applying Advanced Excel Functions and Macros in Preparing Financial Projections and Building Integrated ‘Projected Financial Statements’.

Must be conversant with contents of previous two levels

40 Hours of Participation

The above three Levels are independent of each other. Hence participants may choose all the three levels together or in any combination depending upon the pre-requisites they possess for each Level.

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