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Equity Research Training | Fintegrated Solutions
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The equity research workshop is focussed on people who want to learn and practise equity research for various sectors.




 EIC Analysis

Economic, Industry and Company Analysis

15 Hours of participation

Application of Excel in Financial Modelling

Data representation  & Control, Creating Control Sheets, Basics of creating Dynamic models, Filtering  data, Pivot Tables and Basic Financial Modelling

25 Hours of participation

Financial Statements Analysis

Profit & Loss a/c Analysis, Balance Sheet Analysis, Capital Account Theories, Ratio Analysis, Dividend Theories and Analysis and Reading Cash flow & computation of the same.

25 Hours of participation

Projecting the Financials

Analysing growth and growth drivers, Projecting financial statements and Building cost & revenue models

15 Hours of participation

 Valuation models

Estimating Capital Employed and WACC, Free Cash Flow Analysis, Dividend Discount Model and Introduction to alternate Valuation methods

10 Hours of participation

Valuation and  Report Writing

Choosing the right financial model, Sensitivity Analysis, Stock Price Analysis,  Comparative Analysis, Probability Analysis and Tips on Report Writing

30 Hours of participation


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